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ADHD Coaching Course

Assisting  Adults to navigate the world of ADHD

If you work with adult clients, students or patients, then some of them probably have ADHD.

Did you know that adults with ADHD face stigma and lack of awareness as they try to deal with the effects of ADHD in their personal and professional life, and often lack support?

You can help your clients, students or patients to lead more fulfilling lives by learning how to work more effectively with them. Through "The ADHD Adult Coaching Approach" you will learn:

  • Effective & supportive communication strategies that you can use with adults with ADHD
  • How to perform a situation analysis and identify strengths & challenges of an adult with ADHD
  • Methods for productive collaboration in your workplace with adults with ADHD
  • History of the local situation and services regarding ADHD
  • Information about ADHD Malta, the national support organisation

ADHD Malta has partnered with STC Higher Education to deliver this innovative, MFHEA-accredited course, with lectures from 11th October to 22nd October.

Recommended for professions including educators and special needs staff, HR managers, sports coaches, nurses and mental health staff,  social workers and counsellors with at least 2 years' experience in social services

What you will get:

  • A literature list to support your learning
  • 30 hours of lectures & workshops with trainers Marie Enbäck and Carola Stivala, delivered over 2 weeks 11th - 22nd October
  • 12 hours of peer coaching with fellow course participants
  • 3 written assignments with feedback session with the trainers
  • A completion certificate from ADHD Malta & STC if you sucessfully complete the cource requirements and achieve 85% attendance

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